Rainwater Storage Tanks

Lawn and Garden Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting Storage

rain water storage tanksRainwater Storage Tanks are used to collect and contain rainwater for reuse in a variety of applications. Often referred to as lawn and garden tanks, the tanks are designed for low profile storage, easy filling, and quick water dispersal around your area.

Rainwater storage tanks are constructed of polyethylene and include a top fill, bottom legs, and a low-profile horizontal design. These features allow the rainwater storage tank to remain stable and secure while rainwater flows into the top fill. On a dry day, the tank is small enough to be transported around a lawn or nursery for spot watering. With capacities available from 15 to 100 gallons, the tanks make an excellent addition to any small-scale rainwater tank system.

Eaves and downspoutJust as with any other rainwater harvesting tanks above ground or below, the lawn and garden tanks require a collection system to route rainwater into the tank. With small rainwater storage tanks such as these, rooftop collection makes the most sense. Water is funneled into the tank using existing downspouts and gutters, cutting set up costs. A filter will need to be placed in or on the top fill opening to keep out debris and insects. If you're using rainwater as a potable water source, you will need an additional filtering and purifying system.

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Rainwater Storage Tank Features

  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Available Colors: White or Black
  • UV Stabilized
  • Hose Wrap Included
  • Specific Gravity of 1.5
  • Top Fill Opening

Rainwater Storage Tank Benefits

  • Easy Transportation
  • Compact Design
  • Low Profile
  • Equipped for Outdoor Storage
  • Simple Set Up
  • Easy Fill Process

Standard Rainwater Storage Tank Applications

  • Stationary Storage and Collection of Rainwater
  • Spot Watering Jobs
  • Water for Farms and Agricultural Settings
  • Residential Watering System

Lawn and Garden Tank Technical Specifications

Capacity (gal) Diameter Length Height Weight (lbs)
15 14" 29.5" 13" 11
25 20" 30" 17" 15
50 27" 30" 22" 23
100 29.5" 47" 26.5" 23

steel rainwater tankLooking for larger rainwater storage tanks? GEI Works also offers Underground Steel Rainwater Harvesting Storage and Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Above Ground with larger storing capacities.

If you have questions about a rainwater tank system, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.

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